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Upcoming and Ongoing Events

  • 2016 Upcoming Activities:
  • Alina Gives Back Summer Camp in Belize will take place this July 2016. This will be a free day camp for twenty five young girls that will be selected from local schools and churches based on their good grades, and economic situation.They will experience a week of wonderful craft/art activities, field trips, guest speakers, and an overall entertaining learning experience! The camp will also provide all meals and transportation to and from the camp.

  • Alina loves books. We started reading to her from the day we had her home with us and her joy for reading continues. Collecting books will always be something that we continue to do throughout the year.

  • Along with books, all of the requested items on the donation page are always appreciated year round.

  • We also collected new and used books for the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Orphanage in Belize, Central America during our book drive throughout the year.

 Please continue to visit our site to see our future events.

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